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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
7The Warning of Hell and the Promise of Paradise
23Persecution of Genuine Visionaries
31My Pain and Suffering today
382011 Year of the Purification
40How to enter Heaven – role of suffering
41Carrying my Cross
54Earthquake in Europe & World War
74Arab uprising will spark global unrest – Italy will trigger fall out
158God the Father: the role of suffering
172No sin is so grave that it cannot be forgiven
182Virgin Mary Message: Abandonment as a victim soul
192Ask for the Gift of Suffering
194Times of Peace and Glory almost here
225Death of My son Muammar Gaddafi
226The Warning is a form of Global Confession
259My Mercy covers all races, colours, religions
288God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages
350Virgin Mary: Wake up children. You must embrace the truth.
366The opposition to My Second Coming will be fierce.
369Virgin Mary: Ask my children to do one day of fasting on Good Friday to prevent one world currency
370Jesus reveals details of His Crucifixion
373My new miracles will be presented to the world
385So many lies, where the existence of Hell is denied, will be the downfall of Christians.
389Never take unfair advantage of others even in business, politics or any walk of life.
396All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father.
397Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.
406Pain and persecution inflicted upon Me by those sects who work in secret to topple the Holy See is severe
426God the Father: The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time.
432My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.
440Virgin Mary:Children when you suffer in this life you become closer to my Son.
465The worst suffering of all is the spiritual emptiness where you cannot feel one ounce of love for Me, your Jesus
485The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity
486You will win this battle for souls and it will not take long before the New World, without end, will emerge.
528My Name is no longer revered. My Name is cursed
541I am not the Son of Man people expect Me to be. I am unconventional.
560God the Father: My Hand of Justice is waiting to chastise those governments who plot to hurt My children
569Those who carry out cold-blooded murder, can be saved through your prayers
587At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment
596This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan
598I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift
612No matter how much your belongings on this earth are important to you, they are worth nothing
618I call on humanity to prepare for My Great Mercy
626Humility is more than just the acceptance of suffering. It is a powerful means of defeating evil
660Please take this new Gift of Healing I present to you now
671I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups
718My Agony is felt by all the saints and angels in Heaven, for the time of the Apocalypse is near
725I desire that all of My followers conduct a time of fasting from next Monday until 15:30 hours on Good Friday
778Those who followed the Word of God, laid down by the prophets before Me, were the first to spit at Me
802When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent
803You must not be frightened, for what I Promise is yours and it is your Inheritance
807God Exists in every single person born in this world, irrespective of their faith or the belief of their parents
860Know that the pain of rejection will be exactly as I, and My apostles, had to suffer during My Time on Earth
892It is time that the Crusade Prayer Groups must be set up and spread across the world
895Those amongst you who suffer greatly and who may have lost all hope in life, know that you are in My Heart
960Heaven will soon declare the final part of God’s Great Plan to save humanity
961Pain, persecution, suffering, ridicule and mockery will always be the lot of those chosen souls of God
1005Who amongst you would be strong enough to accept My Cup of Suffering, in all that it brings with it
1046Once you have Me, you have everything
1102I use sacrificial souls to bring others to Me, who would never be saved otherwise
1114Mother of Salvation: As Christians, you must prepare to fight for your Faith
1187Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom
1200Mother of Salvation: Pray for my Son’s Mercy so that all suffering can be diluted
1230Sometimes, what may seem unfair is beyond your understanding
1233Mother of Salvation: Faith is the foundation of the Church
1253Mother of Salvation: Let me bring love and comfort to the afflicted