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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
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Crusade Prayer
361Love is more powerful than hatred
416Second Seal: World War 3
582I wish that My army recite this Crusade Prayer for the Victory of the Remnant Church
652Please recite this Crusade Prayer (92) for the Grace of Perseverance
671I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups
683Mother of God: Many will be lonely in their quest to form prayer groups
710Prayer will, and can, save humanity
713Mother of Salvation: The Crusade Prayer Groups will save billions of souls
892It is time that the Crusade Prayer Groups must be set up and spread across the world
902Recite this special Crusade Prayer to consecrate all those close to you so that I can cover them with My Precious Blood.
1143Mother of Salvation: The True Church will become a Remnant