Spreading the Truth
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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
41Carrying my Cross
71Defend your children’s right to a Christian Education
104Two comets will collide, My cross will appear in a red sky
108Prepare your family to witness My Cross in the Sky
177Those who proclaim My True Word through visionaries will be ridiculed
370Jesus reveals details of His Crucifixion
378Easter is a time when My death on the cross is contemplated properly
473The Warning for many will be a frightening event, when it will seem like the world has come to an end
497God the Father: Just as My Son was crucified so, too, will His Church on earth be crucified.
765A new form of the Cross will be introduced
797My Way is very simple. You may follow Me any way you will, but you must honour Me in My Christian Churches
844The mark of the beast will bring with it death – death of the soul and death by a terrible disease
845Mother of Salvation: You must hold on to traditional Crosses, for soon they will disappear
846Never accept a cross, which does not resemble the Cross, upon which I was crucified
960Heaven will soon declare the final part of God’s Great Plan to save humanity
974You have been prepared now for three years. Rise and take up your cross and follow Me
1065Mother of Salvation: Ask me, your beloved Mother, to give you the strength to carry on and to protect the Mission of Salvation
1077You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity
1083The Cross is your link to Eternal Life. Never forsake the Cross
1143Mother of Salvation: The True Church will become a Remnant
1235Mother of Salvation: Accept the Cross with dignity. Do not complain.