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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
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139Execution, Euthanasia, Abortion and Suicide
178God the Father:”My Hand will fall with force on nations who legalize abortion”
334Virgin Mary: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my heart
492It is the sin of abortion which will be the downfall of many nations and for this they will be punished severely.
604This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My 12 apostles
606One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth
630Virgin Mary: All those who promote abortion and who are responsible for it being introduced are guilty of mortal sin
664Virgin Mary: You must fight every law and every argument which promotes abortion
751Many will not be strong enough to fight against abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage
766The sin of abortion is a mortal one and those responsible will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity
793God the Father: I will strike every nation according to the extent of the number of innocents they have murdered
822God the Father: I know that the plan of abortion around the world is controlled
909God the Father: If I have to destroy cities to stop evil from spreading, then I will do this