Spreading the Truth
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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
59Millions of Souls will be saved through these messages
102Pope Benedict’s Days are now numbered
113Hand Me over your troubles and I will ease your burden
376Please say My Divine Mercy and start My Novena on Good Friday
392Virgin Mary: When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me
461My Church must trust Me. They must remove their shackles of fear and doubt and allow Me make myself known
485The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity
542Conversion takes place first. Then the persecution. Then the Salvation. In that order.
588You have been given the armour. Use it
633I died for you. Because of this you must trust Me now
722Layer by layer, their evil intents will become clear as they trip themselves up
803You must not be frightened, for what I Promise is yours and it is your Inheritance
843To the other innocents, who blindly follow the beast and the false prophet, they will be locked into a savage bond
1019God the Father: I desire that you accept the Truth, not with doubt in your hearts, but with love and trust
1097Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make
1160When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition
1162When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts
1168Mother of Salvation: My Son has sent no one to distract you from these Messages
1238I will come at a time when you least expect
1251Mother of Salvation: The more you pray, the stronger will be your relationship with God
1253Mother of Salvation: Let me bring love and comfort to the afflicted
1280Mother of Salvation: God’s Will is a mystery to most of you .
1284The only danger to humanity is man himself
1292Trust is the key to true love
1303The Holy Bible will become almost impossible to find