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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
81Message from Virgin Mary regarding protection of Saints
199Virgin Mary: Pray for my protection all over the world
255Virgin Mary: My Gift to defeat and destroy the serpent
338God the Father: You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours
356God the Father: My Seal of Protection is foretold as the second seal is broken
436Jesus: Never falter. Never doubt My Hand of Protection.
453Virgin Mary: I can, with my son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate.
487Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation, my last title from Heaven, let me help you.
510This time is likened to the calm before the storm. Use it to prepare as many people as possible.
1017Mother of Salvation: All those of different faiths must begin also to recite my Holy Rosary, for it will bring each of you great protection
1056God the Father: For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfillment of My Holy Will
1121Mother of Salvation: This Gift of Protection for children has been commanded by my beloved Father
1126Mother of Salvation: I ask those who follow these Messages to pray for this Mission
1268Mother of Salvation: My Son has accorded me the power to crush the head of the serpent
1308Mother of Salvation: Pray for the protection of my Son’s Church on earth