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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
51All Christians Repent Now, Catholics Pray for Pope Benedict
250Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict
303Mother of Salvation: Wicked plan, within the Vatican, to destroy the Catholic Church
312Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict with all your heart
328My poor Holy vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome.
364Virgin Mary : Pray for Pope Benedict XVI who is in danger of being exiled from Rome.
382Virgin Mary: The time for me to crush the serpent is drawing nearer
384The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet
428They intend to oust Pope Benedict XVI from the Seat of Peter using devious means
479The time is near for the persecution of My Beloved Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI to reach its pinnacle.
733Soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile.
903No man, no priest, no bishop, no cardinal, no pope, has the authority to rewrite the Word of God