Spreading the Truth
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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
56Significance & Power of Prayer
64Wake up to the Truth before it is too Late
167How to ask Me to help you resolve your worries
194Times of Peace and Glory almost here
211Era of Peace not far away
237Weather will begin to show strange signs
285Virgin Mary: Temporary peace in the world if dark souls convert
288God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages
293Jesus calls to children all over the world
299Mother of Salvation: My child, peace will reign on Earth soon
320God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My intervention is necessary
322Pray that a nuclear war which would wipe out one third of humanity can be averted
342God the Father: Call to Catholic Church to accept New Era of Peace on Earth
343There will be no death. No illness. No sin in the New Paradise
353Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world.
381Virgin Mary: The Era of Peace I spoke about in Fatima has been forgotten
390Even those who commit terrible sin are loved by God, the Father.
397Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.
401I call on all of you who don’t know Me
533True love comes from God.
556So many people today are obsessed with the pursuit of fame and self-glory
589Virgin Mary: Turn and ask my Son to guide you towards His Great Mercy
615The enemies of the Jews in all nations will gather together in unity to crush Israel
629The power of death over humanity will be defeated finally
632Satan will be bound during My Reign and will no longer deceive God’s children
684Mother of God: You must pray for all those in high places, with power over your nations
719The Third Seal will be revealed when man will scramble for food as famines grip humanity
763Everyday you must ask yourself – would God approve of my actions today?
828It will be through your recital of My Crusade Prayers that I can save them.
836They are preparing the antichrist now, for his grand entrance
857God the Father: The antichrist is now ready to reveal himself
859Mother of Salvation: What man could ever reject this new perfect existence
873God the Father: Children we are but just a short time away from the Great Day
926You must remain calm, at peace, but with a firm resolve to continue to proclaim the Holy Word contained in the Gospels
993Mother of Salvation: We first went to Judea and then my Son was taken to India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and England
1016Much of what humanity takes for granted will be turned upside down and inside out, but this is necessary
1019God the Father: I desire that you accept the Truth, not with doubt in your hearts, but with love and trust
1097Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make
1109I Am Present in the person who loves all, irrespective of their race, creed, sexuality or colour
1128Without My Light there is nothing but darkness of the soul. No peace. No love. No hope. No Life
1151Mother of Salvation: Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God
1156God the Father: When My Will is established peace will reign
1160When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition
1171Do not trouble your hearts, argue over Me or try to outwit Me, for this would not serve any purpose
1182Mother of Salvation: Pray for peace in the world
1188They will never prevail against My Church.
1223Hunger of the spirit leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost
1233Mother of Salvation: Faith is the foundation of the Church
1290When love is missing I am absent in the soul