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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
22Call on Believers to convert lost souls
31My Pain and Suffering today
60My pain is even greater today than it was during My Crucifixion
243Many will suffer the pain of Purgatory as a Penance
346The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing.
411Virgin Mary: I weep tears of sadness for priests within the Catholic Church who suffer terribly at this time
427During The Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer pain of Purgatory.
432My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.
449The Warning, while not to be feared, will cause pain in those not in a state of grace
473The Warning for many will be a frightening event, when it will seem like the world has come to an end
528My Name is no longer revered. My Name is cursed
552Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death
559Christianity is being attacked for one main reason
592The earth will groan in pain as the antichrist prepares his entrance
594Much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace
598I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift
606One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth
622The Fire of the Holy Spirit will be felt in the hearts of everyone
623I will Judge the Living and the Dead and only those who are worthy can enter My Kingdom
649Virgin Mary: The reason why so many people are in such pain and darkness is because they do not believe in God
656I now grant them the Grace of the Tears of Love and Conversion
660Please take this new Gift of Healing I present to you now
679God the Father: I will wipe out those Nations who spit in My Face
714God the Father: The battle now rages between My Hierarchy and the domain of the beast
726Mother of God: my Son’s Body was torn to shreds
757Mother of God: To be made worthy of His Kingdom, they must be stripped bare of worldly influences
770Do not try to reason with the mind when trying to justify My Existence for I Am not of this world
781The world will rejoice, for along with My Church in Rome, the Jewish nations will be cut down
818Mother of Salvation: What I witnessed could never be put down on paper, so vile were the cruelties inflicted upon His Divine Body
829I pine for them. Without them, I cannot feel whole
831You cannot follow Me truly, without bearing the pain of the Cross
860Know that the pain of rejection will be exactly as I, and My apostles, had to suffer during My Time on Earth
930Mother of Salvation: My Son is planning a great renewal on Earth, at this time, and it will cause much pain
958Billions of people will enjoy a life of eternal glory in the Presence of God
961Pain, persecution, suffering, ridicule and mockery will always be the lot of those chosen souls of God
998My Love for humanity is whole. I love all, including those who commit the most wicked acts
1015Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly
1016Much of what humanity takes for granted will be turned upside down and inside out, but this is necessary
1030Mother of Salvation: This is the time when souls will have to endure the pain of Purgatory on Earth
1039When a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides
1059It is far better to endure pain in My Name than to be glorified by sinners for doing wrong in My Eyes
1089I will not permit those of you who come into My New Paradise to suffer the pain of physical death
1091God the Father: It is better that you endure this spiritual pain now, than in the eternal flames
1114Mother of Salvation: As Christians, you must prepare to fight for your Faith
1139Compare Me to a mother who has to separate from her child at birth
1155The human intellect is not capable of understanding all that is of Me
1171Do not trouble your hearts, argue over Me or try to outwit Me, for this would not serve any purpose
1177Mother of Salvation: You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way
1183God the Father: I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace
1253Mother of Salvation: Let me bring love and comfort to the afflicted
1256The earth, infested by their evil ways, will groan in pain
1305Soon the skies will split and the Fire of the Holy Spirit will be upon you