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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
7The Warning of Hell and the Promise of Paradise
37How The Warning is a gift to mankind
40How to enter Heaven – role of suffering
84Reject the work of New Age Spiritualism
120Ordinary People, Good People Turn their Backs on Me
214Purgatory is not a place you should feel content to enter
386My remnant Church, the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation
397Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.
457When you spread hatred about prophets sent from Heaven you are guilty of a sin which has enormous consequences
459New Paradise: You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing.
460God the Father: I reveal My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth.
487Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation, my last title from Heaven, let me help you.
505The rains, the floods and the destruction of crops to come will be the result of a chastisement from Heaven.
519Virgin Mary: Embrace the Gift of the Grace of Immunity children. Cherish it for it is a rare Gift from Heaven.
546The false prophets are poised now and will pounce on this mission
576The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life
593God the Father: The hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the earth at this time
709Many of you will reject this Call from Heaven because of fear
718My Agony is felt by all the saints and angels in Heaven, for the time of the Apocalypse is near
726Mother of God: my Son’s Body was torn to shreds
783When the Holy Spirit is present, It will spread like fire and will replicate the Word of God in many tongues
800I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the skeptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming
833The final prophet has now been sent so please do not reject this Gift
880Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days
1022Mother of Salvation: Many will believe the antichrist to be a very holy man
1026Don’t you know that, after My Second Coming takes place, your soul will exist for eternity