Spreading the Truth
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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
69Sexual Immorality will lead you to Hell
108Prepare your family to witness My Cross in the Sky
109Message of Love to all My followers
123First Message from God the Father: The time has come now for Me to reclaim My Glorious Kingdom – New Paradise on Earth will last 1,000 years
278Honour the importance of the Family
361Love is more powerful than hatred
426God the Father: The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time.
526This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls
553Two billion souls, who will refuse My Hand of Mercy
616All nations of the world are united as one with God. All are part of the same family
628I bring hope. I bring Mercy. I bring salvation
638The family unit, and the destruction of it, will be at the root of everything
681It won’t be long before the final phase of the purification of the human race begins
805God does not expect you to spend your time ignoring day-to-day matters or the time you spend with family and friends
1077You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity
1121Mother of Salvation: This Gift of Protection for children has been commanded by my beloved Father
1203God preserves His Love for man through the family unit
1275Mother of Salvation: The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas
1276Oh what joy it would bring Me were they to turn to Me on Christmas Day