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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
204Insight into My Crucifixion
233Greatest attack on My Church since My death on the Cross
343There will be no death. No illness. No sin in the New Paradise
378Easter is a time when My death on the cross is contemplated properly
399Virgin Mary: My child there will be no death for those who love My Son.
459New Paradise: You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing.
552Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death
559Christianity is being attacked for one main reason
570Those who survive at the end time will not die a physical death
576The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life
629The power of death over humanity will be defeated finally
661Everything will be done to cause disruption to your Prayer Groups
672They will sob with relief when they realise that they have a future where death does not exist
686I Am your Teacher, and through Me, you will understand the Mysteries of My Final Divine Plan
694Marriage is not acceptable before My Altar if it is between two people of the same sex
735Virgin Mary: The Resurrection of my beloved Son is the most important Gift, as it means that eternal life can be given to all of God’s children
784And then, just as they will have forgotten Me, My Church will rise from the dead, just as I did
844The mark of the beast will bring with it death – death of the soul and death by a terrible disease
851God the Father: The names of those in the Book of the Living are the primary target of the beast
880Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days
1062Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity
1070God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities
1083The Cross is your link to Eternal Life. Never forsake the Cross
1191Do not cut yourself off from Me. If you do, there will be great weeping
1217Mother of Salvation: Death will soon have no power over man
1239Euthanasia is an abhorrent act in My Eyes
1245Your life on earth is a test of your love for Me
1288Without Me, death of the body and the soul would claim the entire human race
1313My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you