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28. Virgin Mary prayer for unification of all Christian Churches
2012-02-08 20:30:00

All of you with a devotion to my Son must put your differences aside and join together to fight the anti-christ.

Pray for the unification of all God’s children through this special Crusade of Prayer (28)

“O God of the Most High, we kneel before You to beg for the unification of all Your children in the fight to retain Your Christian Churches on earth.

Let not our differences divide us at this time of great apostasy in the world.

In our love for You, dear Father, we beseech You to give us the graces to love one another in the Name of Your beloved Son, Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We adore You. We love You. We unite to fight for the strength to retain Your Christian Churches on earth in the trials we may face in the years ahead. Amen.”

Trust in me children to guide you towards the New Paradise and my Son’s reign on earth as it is meant to be.

Your loving Mother

Mother of Salvation