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The Crusade of Prayers


Daily Prayers

Special Prayers

Prayers for Priests

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The Crusade of Prayers
1My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls
2Prayer for Global Rulers
3Rid the world of fear
4Unite all Families
5Praise to God the Most High
6Prayer to stop the antichrist
7Prayer for those who refuse Mercy
8The Confession
9Offer of Suffering as a gift
10Carrying the flame of Your Love
11Stop hatred of visionaries
12Prayer to avoid the Sin of Pride
13Prayer calling for immunity
14Prayer to God the Father for protection against Nuclear War
15Thanks for gift of Divine Mercy
16To accept Graces offered during The Warning
17Mother of Salvation Prayer for Dark Souls
18Stop the antichrist & his group
19Prayer for young people
20Stop the antichrist from destroying the world
21Thanksgiving to God the Father for the salvation of mankind
22Catholic Priests to uphold the teachings of the church
23Prayer for Pope Benedict’s safety
24Plenary Indulgence for Absolution
25For Protection of visionaries around the world
26Pray the Rosary to help save your nation
27Prayer for Peace in the World
28Virgin Mary prayer for unification of all Christian Churches
29Protect the practice of Christianity
30Prayer to avert war, famine and religious persecution
31Chain of Protection
32Pray to stop Abortion in Ireland
33Rise now and accept the Seal of the Living God
34My Gift of Fasting to Jesus
35Prayer for souls to enter Paradise
36For those who need help to honour the one true God
37Unification of all God’s children
38Salvation prayer for Catholic Church
39Help prepare souls for the New Paradise
40Prayer for the Clergy to prepare souls for Second Coming
41For the souls of Non-Believers
42Prayer of fasting to stop One World Currency
43“Save Souls during The Warning”
44Strength to defend my faith against the False Prophet
45Prayer to conquer negative thoughts
46Free me from the chains of Satan
47Re-kindle your love for Jesus
48Prayer for the Grace to Proclaim the Second Coming of Christ
49Pledge of loyalty for Christian Clergy
50Jesus help me to know who You are
51For the Gift of the Holy Spirit
52Prayer to the Father
53Prayer for the Catholic Church
54Prayer to the Father to dilute impact of World War 3
55Prepare for The Warning
56Priests seeking Protection for Holy Eucharist
57Prayer for the Clergy – Jesus let me hear Your call
58Crusade of Conversion
59A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will
60Prayer for conversion of families during The Warning
61Avert One World Control
62For Lost and Helpless Sinners
63Preserve me on this journey
64Save my brothers and sisters
65For those in mortal sin
66For clergy: Help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word
67Keep my children safe from the King of Lies
68Protect me from the influence of Satan
69Prayer to accept the Divine Will of My Father.
70Prayer for Clergy: to remain firm and true to the Holy Word of God
71Prayer to save us from the persecution
72The Disciple’s Prayer
73Prayer for Young Souls, Young Children
74for Gift of Discernment
75I assign My Pain to You dear Jesus
76The Atheist Prayer
77For Great Britain
78Save me from Evil.
79for 2 Billion Lost Souls
80For the souls of those who commit murder
81For the Gift of the Holy Communion
82For the Victory of the Remnant Church
83for the mitigation of chastisements
84to enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world
85to save the United States of America from the hand of the deceiver
86Release me from the torment of doubt
87Protect our Nation from Evil
88for souls after The Warning
89For Wretched Sinners
90Thanksgiving for Your Most Glorious Second Coming
91Keep me true to my Faith
92For the Grace of Perseverance
93For the Tears of Conversion
94To cure the mind, body and soul
95To help find time for prayer.
96to Bless and Protect our Crusade Prayer Group
97To unite Crusade Prayer Groups
98For the Grace of God to cover world leaders
99For the Salvation of Australia and New Zealand
100For the survival of Christianity
101Miracle Prayer to feel the Presence of Jesus
102To sustain faith and belief in God’s Message for the world
103To share the Cup of Suffering with Christ
104Free this soul from slavery
105Gift of Conversion for Others
106Mercy for the young who don’t acknowledge God
107Save me from the fires of Hell
108Climbing the Hill of Calvary
109for the Gift of Trust
110For Priests to remain true to Your Holy Word
111To consecrate your children to Jesus Christ
112For the Grace of Salvation
113To defeat evil in our land
114For Priests to receive the Gift of Truth
115For the Gift of Conversion
116Save me from the evil of lies
117For those who have sold their souls
118For the lost generation of young souls
119To feel the Love of Jesus
120Stop the Spread of War
121Allegiance to the Army of Jesus Christ
122For the consecration to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
123Gift of free will to God:
124Hear my plea for freedom
125To defend the Most Holy Word of God
126To withstand religious persecution
127To save my soul and those of my loved ones:
128To gather and unite all souls
129For the Gift of Love:
130Novena of Salvation Crusade Prayer:
131The Mercy Prayer
132Renounce Satan, to protect this Mission
133A Call to return to God
134To believe in the Existence of God
135to defend the Truth:
136To keep Your Word
137Prayer of Restoration
138Protection from hatred
139For the strength to defeat evil
140Protection of Hierarchy of Angels
141Protection against persecution
142Preparing for death
143To protect the Mission of Salvation:
144To protect the Christian Faith
145Fill me with Your Gift of Love
146Protection against deception
147God the Father, show Mercy on those who deny Your Son
148Come to my aid
149To seek God’s Love
150To save the souls of non-believers
151To Defend the Faith
152Help me in my hour of helplessness
153The Gift of Protection for children
154Feast Day of Mother of Salvation Prayer
155For Protection of the Mission of Salvation
156Protection from hatred
157For souls in captivity
158Protect me from the one world religion
159Plea for God’s Love
160Help me to love You more
161For confidence and peace
162To protect the weak and the innocent
163Rescue me from persecution
164Prayer of Peace for Nations
165For the Gift of Eternal Life
166To mitigate the murder of innocents
167Protect my family
168For the Gift of God’s Love
169For the salvation of those who reject Christ
170To uphold the Holy Word of God.