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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
800I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the skeptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming
801My children’s obsession with worldly goods and the adulation of personal wealth separates them from God
802When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent
803You must not be frightened, for what I Promise is yours and it is your Inheritance
804Never do this, for it is the one sin which, by its hypocrisy, disgusts Me
805God does not expect you to spend your time ignoring day-to-day matters or the time you spend with family and friends
806It will be within the Roman Empire that the great abomination will rise up against Me
807God Exists in every single person born in this world, irrespective of their faith or the belief of their parents
808I Am Love. I Am God. They are one and the same thing
809The biggest lie is that Satan can foretell the future, but this can never be
810God the Father: When My Son is deemed to be a sinner, know that this is the greatest blasphemy
811The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you
812Mother of God: You must remain true to what my Son taught you. He was like you in everything except sin
813Very few find comfort in Me. I wait patiently and yet they will not come to Me
814Mother of Salvation: Bring me your children, so that like a true mother of all God’s children, I can consecrate them to my Son
815My Justice will befall all those who prevent the Holy Word of God from being made known in the world
816The change in the format of the Mass will soon be presented in My Church.
817You will be accused of plotting against My Own Church, yet your only crime will be to uphold the Truth
818Mother of Salvation: What I witnessed could never be put down on paper, so vile were the cruelties inflicted upon His Divine Body
819Mother of Salvation: Not one door was opened to allow my Son to come into the world with dignity
820There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other
821As bitterness divides nations, mistrust and fear will continue to cause civil unrest
822God the Father: I know that the plan of abortion around the world is controlled
823The One World Order is the greatest travesty against the True Triune God
824He will use the Truth of God to hide behind, until the right moment
825The Ten Commandments, given to the world by My Father through the prophet Moses, are being re-written by man
826Mother of Salvation: So easily do people accept new laws, which claim to be good
827God the Father: The lies you are being fed about your economy are designed to fool you
828It will be through your recital of My Crusade Prayers that I can save them.
829I pine for them. Without them, I cannot feel whole
830To priests: The day you will be asked to deny My Divinity is not far away
831You cannot follow Me truly, without bearing the pain of the Cross
832Mother of Salvation The Medal of Salvation offers the Gift of Conversion
833The final prophet has now been sent so please do not reject this Gift
834Its plan is to entice souls into a web of deceit by tugging at their hearts
835Mother of Salvation: The fallout in Rome will result in many being led astray
836They are preparing the antichrist now, for his grand entrance
837Trust Me and I will open your eyes to the Truth of your glorious future
838Mother of Salvation: The last secret of Fatima was not revealed, so terrifying was it
839I reveal the secrets contained within the Book of Revelation, and they will not be pleasant
840Mother of Salvation: Just as if a miracle has taken place, the false prophet will seem to rise from the dead
841Although they will cause fear, they are nothing when compared to the Great Chastisement ahead
842Look behind the mask of humanism and you will not find signs of God
843To the other innocents, who blindly follow the beast and the false prophet, they will be locked into a savage bond
844The mark of the beast will bring with it death – death of the soul and death by a terrible disease
845Mother of Salvation: You must hold on to traditional Crosses, for soon they will disappear
846Never accept a cross, which does not resemble the Cross, upon which I was crucified
847Mother of Salvation: Just as the Holy Word of God can unite souls, so too can it cause great division
848They will convince My followers to adapt the Laws of My Church by holding a referendum
849The wickedness present in the world is on a scale not seen since the days of Noah
850Mother of Salvation: Soon you will be asked to give out a substitute for the Holy Eucharist, which will not be the Body of my Son.
851God the Father: The names of those in the Book of the Living are the primary target of the beast
852My Prophecies, which reveal the arrival of the antichrist, are soon to be realised
853When they change the Sacrament of Baptism, they will remove all promises to renounce Satan for they will declare these references to be old-fashioned
854Mother of Salvation: This war, to uphold the Word of God, will mean that those priests, who do remain true to Him, will have to seek refuge
855When you defend My Word, you will be deemed to be cruel, unkind and lacking in sympathy to those who do not believe in God
856Mother of Salvation: Do not accept tolerance for pagans to take over the churches of God
857God the Father: The antichrist is now ready to reveal himself
858A soul cannot be made whole again until it recognises the Greatness of God
859Mother of Salvation: What man could ever reject this new perfect existence
860Know that the pain of rejection will be exactly as I, and My apostles, had to suffer during My Time on Earth
861Floods will be commonplace and you will know which parts of the world anger My Father the most
862They will soon use churches as places to trade in and profit from
863When you honour My Mother, you must visit her Shrines and pay homage to her there
864The First Judgement is close and I will cast the wicked aside
865They must retain the Holy Missals, the vestments, the Holy Bible and the Holy Crosses. These will all be replaced
866Mother of Salvation: They will need to find places of refuge so that they can provide daily Masses and the Holy Eucharist
867They will be asked to pledge their allegiance, through a new oath, to remain faithful to the Church
868Mother of Salvation: My children everywhere – you must listen to me, your beloved Mother, at this time of sorrow
869I will ensure that millions more hear My Words
870My Second Coming cannot take place until the contamination of sin has been eradicated
871I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice
872Mother of Salvation: The antichrist, upon his announcement, will declare that he is a devout Christian
873God the Father: Children we are but just a short time away from the Great Day
874This fire will also be cast down upon the enemies of the Earth and those who persecute these Two Witnesses
875God the Father: Fear you, those who stand up and curse My Son
876The Pharisees scourged and murdered many before they finally crucified Me
877For every evil act of war and terror, God will cast them out and strike them stone dead
878Mother of Salvation: On the last day when the dawn breaks, a loud sound of the trumpet will be heard all over the world
879You must pray for their souls, as they have sold them
880Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days
881Many of you, who say you serve Me, are not fit to stand up and declare yourself to be a servant of God
882I chose twelve simple men, uneducated and ignorant of Holy Scripture, who were poor fishermen
883Do those of you who mock Me now, because you reject My Messages, really believe that I would divide My Church
884Don’t you know that a whole generation of young people are removed from Me at this time
885Your life is but just a fleeting moment in your entire lifetime. You are in exile
886I bring Gifts in stages, depending on the purity of the soul
887Mother of Salvation: Every single Sacrament will be changed beyond recognition
888No sacred servant of Mine can condemn anyone in My Name
889Mother of Salvation: A new, bitter world war will be declared
890Mother of Salvation: The only way to Eternal Life is through my Son, Jesus Christ
891My Holy Word may not be changed or adapted so that it becomes something else
892It is time that the Crusade Prayer Groups must be set up and spread across the world
893The more you are hated, My disciples, the more you are loved by God
894Mother of Salvation: You will be mocked for failing to recognise the new interpretation of Catholicism
895Those amongst you who suffer greatly and who may have lost all hope in life, know that you are in My Heart
896The doctrine of darkness – the great apostasy which will spring from the loins in My Church – will descend like a great thick mist
897Mother of Salvation: These Medals will convert all souls, who are open to the Mercy of my Son, Jesus Christ
898My Plans to redeem the world are being brought to fruition. All is in place now
899God the Father: For those born into pagan families, through no fault of your own, I will grant you Mercy
900I come for you to take you to My Father. I come to fulfill His Divine Will and to complete the Covenant
901At My Second Coming, I will judge every person who remains alive on the Earth at that time according to what they have done for the Glory of God
902Recite this special Crusade Prayer to consecrate all those close to you so that I can cover them with My Precious Blood.
903No man, no priest, no bishop, no cardinal, no pope, has the authority to rewrite the Word of God
904Four powerful empires will emerge as the main source from which wars will be surmounted
905Many will betray Me by accepting falsities
906Mother of Salvation for priests: To remain true to the Church of my Son on Earth you must be prepared to feed His flock
907The four parts of the world I refer to are the four big empires – the US, Russia, Europe and China
908Mother of Salvation: Only a few will be brave enough to openly proclaim the Word of God during the Crucifixion of my Son’s Church on Earth
909God the Father: If I have to destroy cities to stop evil from spreading, then I will do this
910My True Church will be thrown out of Rome and will have to endure a number of years of desolation
911Ecclesiastical masonry has now reached the greatest level of power within My Most Holy Church on Earth
912There is a great misconception as to what makes a man or woman holy in My Eyes
913As the Crucifixion of My Church on Earth commences, you must watch out for all the signs, which were foretold
914Deny sin and you deny Me
915You will soon be told to use your faith to create a political campaign around the world to save the poor
916God the Father: Satan and his demons have recruited a very large army
917Relax, all of you, and know that God is ever Powerful and that no act, however evil, cannot be trampled on by Him
918Once the Heavens and Earth become one, there will be no Purgatory
919You do not know Me because you do not recognise Me
920Mother of Salvation: To the priests in the Catholic Church, I urge you to carry my Most Holy Rosary beads
921The plans have been drawn up by the unholy trinity where all that is True will be banished
922The serpent gives the antichrist special messages, which he documents carefully
923Every new law, soon to be introduced by enemies within My Church, will mock the Truth laid down by My Father
924I may be their only true friend, their only salvation, but many of them will ignore My Warnings
925The antichrist will create grants to entice companies, organisations, as well as charities, to work for his new one world trade centre
926You must remain calm, at peace, but with a firm resolve to continue to proclaim the Holy Word contained in the Gospels
927They will follow like lambs to the slaughter, the road to destruction
928All those who wear the triangle, the sign of the most unholy trinity, will be involved in endorsing such charities
929You are the generation, which will have to bear witness to the final Crucifixion of My Church
930Mother of Salvation: My Son is planning a great renewal on Earth, at this time, and it will cause much pain
931God the Father: This is a Call for the salvation of those of you who will not question the heresies about to be declared
932Very few people in the world today have any faith or belief in God
933The Great Day will dawn and soon the world without end will begin
934My Church was built upon the Truth and nothing but the Truth should spill from her lips
935Mother of Salvation: My Son’s Church will become the seat of the antichrist
936Once the Holy Spirit engulfs a soul, it will rise, draw immediately towards the Will of My Father and respond in total abandonment
937When you lack humility, pride will flood your souls and you will sin against Me
938My loyal disciples, including priests and the sacred servants of all Christian faiths, will remain close by My Side
939The greatest persecution will be inflicted by Christians upon Christians
940I give no man the authority to judge another, to speak evil of another or to cast aspersions on the spirituality of another soul
941The Anger of My Father will increase the more His ungrateful children rise in defiance of His Almighty Covenant
942The Light of God will shine down on you and I promise that you will not feel alone
943All the upheavals you are about to witness will be testament to the Truth of the prophecies given to My beloved John in the Book of Revelation
944Mother of Salvation: When a mission, which professes to speak the Word of God, is false there will be no hatred shown towards it
945Many will soon begin to use their knowledge of science to evaluate the Most Holy Gospels
946God the Father: No scientific evaluation will make sense when two suns are seen
947Mother of Salvation: Salvation is yours only through reconciliation with God
948My Father’s punishments have begun and the world will witness many more ecological upheavals
949The first sign will be that the Earth will spin faster. The second sign concerns the sun, which will loom larger, brighter and begin to spin
950Never before will their faith be put to such a test
951You will stand before Me alone – with no one next to you
952Billions will convert and recognise God, the Triune God, for the first time
953I Am coming to renew the Earth, to free man from his misery, sorrow and sin
954I come only as a God of Mercy. I do not come to frighten you for I truly love each of you
955On that day, I will gather the Living
956When I come as the King of Mercy, not one soul will be left in any doubt as to Who I Am and What I Am
957Love thrives because it is a Gift from God and has the power to destroy evil
958Billions of people will enjoy a life of eternal glory in the Presence of God
959Mother of Salvation: The enemies of God will commit terrible sacrileges until they have desecrated the Tabernacles
960Heaven will soon declare the final part of God’s Great Plan to save humanity
961Pain, persecution, suffering, ridicule and mockery will always be the lot of those chosen souls of God
962Satan’s strategy is to fool and deceive believers first, before he destroys them
963Mother of Salvation: I ask that you now begin the Novena of Salvation
964I will never walk in the flesh again
965Woe to all of you imposters, for you do not come from Me
966Mother of Salvation: My Son died to save your souls, not to free you from the ills of this world
967I Am, above all, a God of Great Mercy
968I Am preparing the world for My Second Coming and many will hate Me for this
969He, the antichrist, will speak many languages, but not one word of Latin will come from his lips
970You cannot impart the Truth when your ego seeks popularity
971Mother of Salvation: They will be granted honorary doctorates in the false prophet’s newly renovated church
972For when you suffer in this way, you bring Me souls and those who bring Me souls belong to Me
973All during My childhood I knew Who I was
974You have been prepared now for three years. Rise and take up your cross and follow Me
975Pride is a dangerous trait because it convinces man that he is greater than God
976Through the Sacrament of Baptism, the power of the beast is weakened
977Only the Light of God can bring eternal happiness
978On the Day of Judgement, you will finally understand the Power of God
979You cannot divorce My Church from the Word – the Flesh – because then It cannot Exist
980Mother of Salvation: By the miracle of the Illumination of Conscience, He, my Son, will bring joy, love and hope to the world
981Soon you will see Me in all of My heavenly Glory and then you will finally understand the Mystery of My Divinity
982Mother of Salvation: This new and obscene imitation of the Word of God will have many believe that it is simply a modern updated version of the New Testament
983Next Christmas the celebration of My Birth will be replaced by a great ceremony
984My plans to save the whole world are in place and not one soul will I let go of easily
985All of God’s children are part of His extraordinary family
986Mother of Salvation: My Son has instructed me to bring the world this important Message
987You were all given the Truth, but many of you have forgotten it. It bores you. It is too troublesome
988When you try to re-write the Word of God, you are guilty of blasphemy
989Mother of Salvation: The Truth will be twisted and the Word of God will be presented back to front
990Three out of four will deny Me
991Much will be revealed to God’s children, before the Great Day of the Lord
992I will always respond to those of you who beg for Mercy for other souls
993Mother of Salvation: We first went to Judea and then my Son was taken to India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and England
994If there is but just a shred of pride in the soul, the Holy Spirit will never enter it
995You are about to witness the greatest deceit ever inflicted upon the world by Satan
996When My followers, who fall for the deceit to come, deny Me, this does not mean they will say: “I do not believe in Jesus.” No, it will mean this
997When you recite this new Litany during times of great trials I will grant you respite
998My Love for humanity is whole. I love all, including those who commit the most wicked acts
999People who live in today’s world are no different to those who lived thousands of years ago
1000Very soon, Hell will be formally declared as a place, which does not exist
1001God the Father: I Am coming to gather the faithful. My Time is soon, as My Son’s Mercy is almost upon you
1002When My Church upholds the Word of God, you must remain obedient to My Church
1003This new and rapidly created hierarchy will take over My Church
1004Every word you utter in this Mission comes from Me. Every action you take comes from Me
1005Who amongst you would be strong enough to accept My Cup of Suffering, in all that it brings with it
1006Mother of Salvation: This final Medal, brought to you by me, through the Mercy of God, will draw billions of souls towards Eternal Life
1007God the Father: Free will, given to humanity, has meant that many of My children were drawn away from Me
1008Mother of Salvation: These apparitions will begin this Spring, as my Son has instructed
1009My Mother’s role as Co-Redemptrix will be well and truly understood at last
1010The plan to remove every trace of Me has commenced
1011God the Father: I have waited patiently a very long time to gather My children, again, into My Holy Will
1012Today, fewer people than ever believe in the Word of God
1013I must intervene to save humanity from destroying itself, before the Great Day of the Lord
1014Mother of Salvation: Remember that Satan despises this Mission, because he will lose billions of souls because of it
1015Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly
1016Much of what humanity takes for granted will be turned upside down and inside out, but this is necessary
1017Mother of Salvation: All those of different faiths must begin also to recite my Holy Rosary, for it will bring each of you great protection
1018As the numbers of those who follow Satan grows, they will go to great lengths to publicly declare their worship of the devil
1019God the Father: I desire that you accept the Truth, not with doubt in your hearts, but with love and trust
1020Mother of Salvation: These Prayers, dear children, come with great Graces
1021Mother of Salvation: When my Son’s priests will face terrible anguish and miscarriages of justice, they must call on me
1022Mother of Salvation: Many will believe the antichrist to be a very holy man
1023I will never ignore those who are lonely, sad, frightened and unsure as to whether or not God Exists
1024Mother of Salvation: My Father will shake the world both physically and spiritually
1025God the Father: There is nothing that I would not do for My children. No sacrifice is too high
1026Don’t you know that, after My Second Coming takes place, your soul will exist for eternity
1027Finally, the Jews will be shown the proof of My Father’s Covenant
1028Mother of Salvation: Soon, the “Hail Mary” prayer will not be heard inside or outside of my Son’s Church
1029They pay lip service to what My Second Coming means
1030Mother of Salvation: This is the time when souls will have to endure the pain of Purgatory on Earth
1031Suffer in silence when you are tormented, suffer vile forms of cruelty, are slandered, abused or mocked in My Name
1032Mother of Salvation: The antichrist will use his so-called stigmata as a means to convince the world he is Jesus Christ
1033Nothing good can come from hatred, for it comes only from Satan
1034Take a soul – a life – away from Me and your own life – Eternal Salvation – will no longer be your right
1035When I come to judge, the world will tremble
1036Earthquakes will be of such magnitude that they will be felt across multiple countries, at the same time
1037When God permits the persecution of the Christians and the Jews, it is for good reason
1038Many of you who say you love Me now, will betray Me just as Judas did
1039When a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides
1040Mother of Salvation: All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security
1041You, My Two Witnesses on Earth, must stand your ground
1042The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father
1043God the Father: The Perfection of the lost Paradise will be renewed to its former Glory
1044Mother of Salvation: Love and only Love comes from God. Hatred only comes from Satan. There is no in-between
1045The world will bow, kneel on both knees and idolise the beast
1046Once you have Me, you have everything
1047Love can defeat every affliction suffered by the human race
1048Wars will escalate, until the Great War is declared
1049I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge
1050Wrong will be seen as right and right will be seen as wrong
1051It is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes
1052Mother of Salvation: After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God
1053To demand the rights of Christians will be tantamount to breaking the law
1054Mother of Salvation: They will present a new red book, with the head of a goat embedded within its cover
1055My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending
1056God the Father: For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfillment of My Holy Will
1057It will only be when the Holy Eucharist is abolished completely that the antichrist will enter My Church
1058The Paradise, created by My Father for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory
1059It is far better to endure pain in My Name than to be glorified by sinners for doing wrong in My Eyes
1060Those who curse Me will be cursed
1061There will rise a fearful army, the likes of which will never have been seen before
1062Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity
1063What good is it to Me if a man is brought before Me dragging and kicking his heels? It is useless
1064God the Father: The famine, which will grip the world as the Third Seal is opened, will not be confined to the lack of food
1065Mother of Salvation: Ask me, your beloved Mother, to give you the strength to carry on and to protect the Mission of Salvation
1066They are Mine. I Am theirs. That will always be the case. I love them all. It is that simple
1067By allowing themselves to be bullied by the heathen, they will become like heathen
1068Every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years
1069Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call
1070God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities