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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
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529A great clash will become apparent and man will separate from man. Brother against brother
530My Word is being digested quietly by My leading servants
531This Mission can be likened to the rescue of a gigantic ocean liner
532Virgin Mary: There is a wonderful future ahead for all of God’s children
533True love comes from God.
534How you suffer behind your badge of Atheism
535The New Era will be heralded by My Second Coming. The time is short.
536Communism, for so long feared in the western world, is now being secretly formed through a global alliance
537The Gift from My Eternal Father is to give each child of His the most perfect life in the most perfect world
538Global hatred erupts between nations at this time and all in the Name of God
539Warning to those elite global groups who, through their powerful alliance, plot to control all nations
540A Protestant nation, Great Britain, will convert soon to My Ways
541I am not the Son of Man people expect Me to be. I am unconventional.
542Conversion takes place first. Then the persecution. Then the Salvation. In that order.
543They will say that I was married. They will say that I was simply a prophet.
544God the Father The time of My Son is being merged with your time children and soon all will become one
545Mother of God: It has been foretold, my child, that in these times you live now that the hearts of mankind will be hardened.
546The false prophets are poised now and will pounce on this mission
547So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it
548Prepare to witness signs soon to be revealed from Heaven
549Any man who hates another, because of their religion, does not truly love God
550There are only three ways to protect yourselves from the evil one
551Virgin Mary: Great changes will commence in the world very soon
552Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death
553Two billion souls, who will refuse My Hand of Mercy
554This man will tell the world he is the Messiah and he will be applauded by many leading world figureheads
555Believers must never feel secure in the knowledge that they know the Truth
556So many people today are obsessed with the pursuit of fame and self-glory
557God’s Love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without
558Virgin Mary: Many of my Son’s Church leaders say nothing. They no longer defend, publicly, the Holy Name of my Son.
559Christianity is being attacked for one main reason
560God the Father: My Hand of Justice is waiting to chastise those governments who plot to hurt My children
561The Light of God is present in each and every one of you
562Virgin Mary: I cry tears of blood for them and my Heart is heavy
563The announcement to herald My Second Coming, will be sudden
564This new one world religion will pay homage to the beast
565Paganism will be enforced on all of God’s Churches
566Many of you will deny Me by accepting these wicked new laws
567There will be different levels in the New Paradise of 12 nations
568Then there will be the introduction of a global vaccination, which will kill you, if you accept it
569Those who carry out cold-blooded murder, can be saved through your prayers
570Those who survive at the end time will not die a physical death
571It is a difficult and lonely time for the numerous seers and prophets because each one works alone
572The tide of change is to begin very soon
573God the Father: Soon, My Son will be sent to unveil the Truth of the Creation of humanity
574Virgin Mary: The favours granted when you receive the Body of my Son
575For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come
576The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life
577When they try to create a Sacrament, in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples
578You must not allow fear of the future to overwhelm you for that is not My desire
579I wish to call upon all of God’s children in the United States of America
580You must never reject private revelations without the qualifications or the humility required.
581Virgin Mary: The swell of my Son’s remnant Church will continue
582I wish that My army recite this Crusade Prayer for the Victory of the Remnant Church
583They will question and analyse My Word for fear of making a terrible error
584It will be by their hand that lightning, earthquakes and tsunamis will strike the earth
585God the Father: It is to save the innocent souls, infected by liars, that I punish the wicked
586His great chastisements, of a magnitude never witnessed in the world, before now, can be mitigated
587At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment
588You have been given the armour. Use it
589Virgin Mary: Turn and ask my Son to guide you towards His Great Mercy
590Soon sin will be no more. The scourge of sin will be a thing of the past
591The road to My eternal kingdom is riddled with sharp stones and boulders
592The earth will groan in pain as the antichrist prepares his entrance
593God the Father: The hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the earth at this time
594Much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace
595I need your help. Just as I needed My apostles and disciples when I walked the earth
596This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan
597Global Vaccination: One of the most wicked forms of genocides ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler
598I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift
599Roman Catholics, will need to hold Masses in refuges or Churches of safety
600The Crowning of Thorns during My Crucifixion is symbolic
601A number of events regarding the Churches, which honor Me in the world, will begin to surface
602I have a Message, which I must impart for the American People
603Turmoil will be evident in every corner of the earth and only a blind man will fail to see the changes
604This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My 12 apostles
605Virgin Mary: You must pray that those poor souls who continue to crucify my Son turn away from sin
606One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth
607God the Father: I offer you the most perfect future
608My beloved priests and sacred servants, fear not My Word
609Not for Me will they place a crown of emeralds or precious stones
610Those who follow the Laws of God will be demonised and sought out
611My priests, you must not offend Me by declaring Me to be a liar
612No matter how much your belongings on this earth are important to you, they are worth nothing
613Virgin Mary: A Loving God would not generate conflict or cause a rift
614When the freedom to speak is taken away, the Truth is hidden
615The enemies of the Jews in all nations will gather together in unity to crush Israel
616All nations of the world are united as one with God. All are part of the same family
617The flame of love extinguishes the fire of hatred
618I call on humanity to prepare for My Great Mercy
619Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation I will help you and your families to be consecrated to my Son
620The False Prophet has already planned how he will take over the ministries within the Catholic Church
621The Warning will purify God’s children in preparation for My Second Coming
622The Fire of the Holy Spirit will be felt in the hearts of everyone
623I will Judge the Living and the Dead and only those who are worthy can enter My Kingdom
624Virgin Mary: He, so humble, will come in great glorious splendour and His Great Mercy will flood the earth
625Traitors of My Holy Word, sent through God’s prophets, will, I solemnly promise, result in the Wrath of My Father
626Humility is more than just the acceptance of suffering. It is a powerful means of defeating evil
627I Am an all-forgiving God, ready to grant you freedom from the sins, which entrap you
628I bring hope. I bring Mercy. I bring salvation
629The power of death over humanity will be defeated finally
630Virgin Mary: All those who promote abortion and who are responsible for it being introduced are guilty of mortal sin
631My Flames of Mercy, like Tongues of Fire, will descend on every soul soon
632Satan will be bound during My Reign and will no longer deceive God’s children
633I died for you. Because of this you must trust Me now
634God the Father: The time for great change, for the good of all, is upon you
635My Love for humanity is felt by many. Sadly, those who do not look for it will not find it
636My Word will be like a sword, which will cut through confusion and lies.
637I shower you with this Special Blessing today
638The family unit, and the destruction of it, will be at the root of everything
639Virgin Mary: The day I brought the world a Saviour, it changed the destiny of humanity
640There will be a great deluge. You will also witness smaller floods across other countries
641God the Father: Soon, a new Light, a new sun, will be seen
642Knowledge can very often blind you to the Truth
643Never fear Me for I come in peace
644He will, by the power of the occult, perform what will be seen to be cures for people who are terminally ill
645You will be the focus of much hatred
646The Temple of God will be desecrated beyond recognition
647Virgin Mary: Not all will accept freedom. Many will side with the evil one and reject my Son
648Love all those who persecute you, in My Name. Then pray for them
649Virgin Mary: The reason why so many people are in such pain and darkness is because they do not believe in God
650I call out to all those who are unsure as to whether I Exist, or not
651Virgin Mary: The times ahead will be challenging for all Christians
652Please recite this Crusade Prayer (92) for the Grace of Perseverance
653Only by the Power of God, do you exist. Only by the Love of God will you live forever
654Do not listen to exaggerated claims you may hear about the end times
655When you take away the Truth, or tamper with it, it is no longer the Truth. All that is left is a shell
656I now grant them the Grace of the Tears of Love and Conversion
657The plan to destroy the Catholic Church, from within its own ranks, is already underway
658Ignore questions or demands made of you to change My Words
659Despite My Divinity, I feel sickened by and disgusted with the sins of man
660Please take this new Gift of Healing I present to you now
661Everything will be done to cause disruption to your Prayer Groups
662The abolition of all signs of my Son will mean the beginning of the end
663You devour, so easily, those false words presented to you by liars
664Virgin Mary: You must fight every law and every argument which promotes abortion
665It is the Missions of the true prophets, which cause outrage
666These people will destroy My Churches and few will be allowed to offer the daily Sacrifices
667My Time, which is entwined with the Divine Will of My Father, is almost upon you
668With the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you will prophecy in My Holy Name all over the world
669Virgin Mary: It is by the power of prayer that my Son’s Mercy can be spread throughout the world
670I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible
671I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups
672They will sob with relief when they realise that they have a future where death does not exist
673God the Father: This is why only a miracle can save the human race
674The prophecies, contained in the Book of Revelation, are only partially known
675Soon, they will pass a law, which will outlaw the meaning of blasphemy
676The rise of hatred, murder and lack of charity is intense and sin has infested the earth like wildfire
677My Father’s intervention has already commenced and His wrath will shake the earth
678Mother of God: The remnant army of Christ will Triumph
679God the Father: I will wipe out those Nations who spit in My Face
680The signs I will send will be instantly recognisable
681It won’t be long before the final phase of the purification of the human race begins
682Man must strive, at all times, to be like Me
683Mother of God: Many will be lonely in their quest to form prayer groups
684Mother of God: You must pray for all those in high places, with power over your nations
685God the Father: Come, follow My Son, along the Path of Truth
686I Am your Teacher, and through Me, you will understand the Mysteries of My Final Divine Plan
687Never forget that you are the writer. I Am the Author
688My Word will spread in Australia and New Zealand
689Many believe Hell to be, merely, a Place from Folklore
690This life will, in the blink of an eye, pass into a New Life, a New Renewed Paradise
691Masonry has infiltrated My Church, on earth, and soon the schism, as foretold, will create division and disquiet amongst My faithful servants
692Virgin Mary: The Arrogance and Pride of Humanity is Insulting to the Presence of God
693This is the final battle. My Vicar has fallen. My Church will fall, but soon it will rise again
694Marriage is not acceptable before My Altar if it is between two people of the same sex
695The false prophet will now take over the Seat in Rome
696They will bring God’s children under the rule of the little horn, who will sit in pompous splendour in the Seat of Peter
697They will say that he was guilty of a crime of which he is totally innocent
698This Great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome
699You are living in the time when many of God’s children have become pagans
700Yes, My Word is for all, but there is a huge responsibility involved in the promotion of My Messages
701The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that only hardened sinners are cast into the fires of Hell
702He will be a very close ally of the false prophet and is under no illusion as to who he is – the son of Satan
703One of the other political leaders, about whom I spoke some time ago, will soon be assassinated
704My Holy Eucharist must still be received by you. You must not stop your daily Sacrifice, as it will not be you who will be forced to make this decision
705It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love Me the most, who will lead My army towards salvation
706I ask all of My sacred servants to call on Me, their beloved Jesus, that I can cover them with My Precious Blood
707My Church on earth is under attack and this means that My Body will be Crucified again, as foretold
708The signs will be given to all of you and miracles will take place
709Many of you will reject this Call from Heaven because of fear
710Prayer will, and can, save humanity
711He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces
712By the time Good Friday arrives many souls will begin to realize that My Warning to humanity is upon the world
713Mother of Salvation: The Crusade Prayer Groups will save billions of souls
714God the Father: The battle now rages between My Hierarchy and the domain of the beast
715His throne has been stolen. His power has not
716This wicked gesture during Holy Week will be seen by those who keep their eyes open
717Mother of Salvation: Say my Rosary for all those who rule in Rome
718My Agony is felt by all the saints and angels in Heaven, for the time of the Apocalypse is near
719The Third Seal will be revealed when man will scramble for food as famines grip humanity
720A message for priests and all those sacred servants of Mine who have given their lives to My Sacred Service.
721Mother of God: The division in the world, to be brought about by Gog and Magog, will split families in two
722Layer by layer, their evil intents will become clear as they trip themselves up
723Just as the blind cannot see, there will be those amongst the Church in Rome who can see, but who will refuse to acknowledge the Truth
724The time for the division is soon and you must prepare
725I desire that all of My followers conduct a time of fasting from next Monday until 15:30 hours on Good Friday
726Mother of God: my Son’s Body was torn to shreds
727My Mission is not to give you a new Bible, for that could never be, as My Father’s Book contains the whole Truth
728The greatest horror I witnessed in My Time in the Garden of Olives was the scourge of sin in the time of the end
729You must keep your eyes open to anything, which insults My Divinity
730Your transition from this earth into My New Kingdom will be painless, instant and will be so sudden that you will barely be able to take a breath
731The danger to the Existence of the Holy Eucharist will be shown to you
732Today My Church on earth will be Crucified. Today marks the beginning of the changes
733Soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile.
734Not at My Feet will they fall. It will not be My Feet they kiss, but those of My servants, My followers, My sinners
735Virgin Mary: The Resurrection of my beloved Son is the most important Gift, as it means that eternal life can be given to all of God’s children
736Today, I bring great Graces upon the world
737God the Father: I, your beloved Father, have set the day for The Warning at last. Only I know of this date
738I wish to bring over 7 billion of God’s children home, finally, to their Eternal Paradise
739I will come again on the last day. But I will not walk the Earth beforehand
740Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape this form of genocide of the soul
741Not one of you would ever be given the authority to judge another in My Name, for this is not possible
742Mother of God: You have been sent to prepare the way for His Second Coming
743The time for the comet to appear, of which I spoke, when people will believe that there are two suns, is close
744This new temple, they will be told, is a church, which unites all because God loves all His children
745So many good and holy priests who have joined together to pull these Messages apart
746God the Father: Prayer for the Key to the New Paradise
747For every soul you dedicate to My Mercy, I will save a hundred more
748Blessed are those meek of heart, whose pride has been stripped from them through the Grace of God
749The Catholic Church is now about to enter the worst persecution in its history
750Mother of God: When God’s children are misled by lies, they will become separated from Him
751Many will not be strong enough to fight against abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage
752The Word according to God will be pulled apart as paganism sweeps the Earth
753This sign, not to be confused with the Mark of the Beast, will be to symbolise the new One World Religion
754I ask that those of you who are frightened and confused by these Messages to hear Me now
755When man does not believe in God, he does not accept the difference between right and wrong
756The Tower of Babel will, once again, be erected and presented as a temple of God
757Mother of God: To be made worthy of His Kingdom, they must be stripped bare of worldly influences
758All false prophets will be cast out by Me and punished severely
759Mother of God: This time, He will not come as man in the flesh
760These vile acts must come to pass, as the Earth is being purified
761They will lie continuously, and their public homilies will be a nonsense in the Eyes of God
762The antichrist will be from the East, not the West
763Everyday you must ask yourself – would God approve of my actions today?
764My Words to you now will be heard once again on the Last Day. Remember them
765A new form of the Cross will be introduced
766The sin of abortion is a mortal one and those responsible will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity
767They will be accused of crimes against the Seat of Peter and will be publicly humiliated in My Holy Name
768The seemingly authentic views they will present, will be seen as a new form of Catholicism
769It was the sin of pride which caused Lucifer to fall and to be cut off and thrown into the abyss
770Do not try to reason with the mind when trying to justify My Existence for I Am not of this world
771When you have been given the Truth, it is important that you continue to spread the Word of God
772Mother of God: The Mission you have been given is the final link in the Final Covenant
773The plague will be more widespread than AIDS
774My dearest wish is that you seek out the souls of the young
775The only water necessary for the survival of God’s children will come from the Tree of Life
776The miracles I promised the world, through My Crusade Prayers, will increase
777My Word is the end. It is final. There can be no other word
778Those who followed the Word of God, laid down by the prophets before Me, were the first to spit at Me
779God the Father: My Great Intervention to save humanity has commenced and the speed of My actions will be evident to all
780Love only comes from Me. Hatred does not
781The world will rejoice, for along with My Church in Rome, the Jewish nations will be cut down
782They will be forgiven immediately if they would pluck up the courage and call upon Me to help them out of their misery
783When the Holy Spirit is present, It will spread like fire and will replicate the Word of God in many tongues
784And then, just as they will have forgotten Me, My Church will rise from the dead, just as I did
785All those amongst the Christian Churches will come to Me first. Then the Jews will turn, in time, and accept Me finally
786When the time comes for the beast to reveal the antichrist, great signs will be seen
787My Christian soldiers will form the biggest Army against the antichrist
788Those who scream at My Word in anger and declare that It comes from Satan will reside with the beast for eternity
789These Messages will be the last given to you before the Great Day when I come to Judge
790I, the Mother of God, will destroy the power of the evil one, in the hearts of those who call on me
791God the Father: I promised the world the Book of Truth and I never go back on My Holy Word
792My Voice, as It rings out, will draw millions towards Me in the next stage, and then billions in the final stages
793God the Father: I will strike every nation according to the extent of the number of innocents they have murdered
794God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His instruction to humanity
795I Am Present in the Most Holy Eucharist through the Act of Transubstantiation
796Your pagan practices will lead you to Hell
797My Way is very simple. You may follow Me any way you will, but you must honour Me in My Christian Churches
798The rest of My sacred servants will sign a pledge of allegiance to the new one world religion
799Lies, very often, come dressed as good things