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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
291Judge and curse another in My Name and you spit in My Face
292God the Father: You, My beloved children, have a glorious future ahead of you
293Jesus calls to children all over the world
294After The Global Confession I will prepare for My Second Coming
295Mother of Salvation: So many souls choose to ignore the signs I give
296The biggest abomination since the Holocaust is being plotted against the Jews
297Pray for souls in mortal sin, who may not get the chance to seek redemption
298Mother of Salvation: Crusade Prayer (19) Prayer for young people
299Mother of Salvation: My child, peace will reign on Earth soon
300Scientists will publicly deny this Miracle has taken place
301God the Father: Final messenger to herald the Second Coming
302Sacred servants, you will be led towards the false prophet
303Mother of Salvation: Wicked plan, within the Vatican, to destroy the Catholic Church
304Antichrist, who is hidden in the wings, will soon appear in the world
305The Sealed Book of Truth will be opened in preparation for My Second Coming
306False Prophet will be treated like a living Saint. Those who oppose him will be considered heretics.
307Hear my urgent plea to pray for the souls of atheists
308Good News – God, My Eternal Father, has sanctioned the salvation of much of mankind.
309Virgin Mary: Nuclear war involving Iran being plotted
310The final secret of Fatima reveals the truth of satan’s evil sect entering the Vatican
311Call to Clergy: Prepare My flock for My long awaited Second Coming on earth.
312Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict with all your heart
313My Divine Mercy is to be realised as revealed to St Faustina
314Virgin Mary Calls for day of prayer and fasting to prepare for The Warning
315Jesus reveals Plenary Indulgence for total absolution
316Virgin Mary: No one will prevent the Book of Truth being revealed to the world
317Did you think I would ignore you until the Day of Judgement?
318Virgin Mary: Hatred is hatred. There are no two types. They are the same.
319Wars involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria interlinked
320God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My intervention is necessary
321Virgin Mary: When you say Rosary you can help save your nation
322Pray that a nuclear war which would wipe out one third of humanity can be averted
323The mysteries for so long hidden in the archives of the Divine Realm.
324Virgin Mary: The evil one will not rest until the Catholic Church is knocked to the ground
325Very soon a man will come who will profess to be Me.
326Fornication, pornography and prostitution all mortal sins
327God the Father: Earthquakes will be felt as part of a small chastisement before The Warning
328My poor Holy vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome.
329Other countries will follow England to ban public prayer
330The Holy Bible is not being shoved aside in favour of these messages
331Satan’s last days: Like a wasp when dying the sting will be the most painful
332God the Father: Europe will be first target of Red Dragon followed by the USA
333Wicked Group perpetrating biggest lie in order to seize control of countries
334Virgin Mary: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my heart
335European countries will succumb to dictatorship no better than the days of Hitler
336The beast with the ten horns is the European Union
337God the Father: Rise now, and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God
338God the Father: You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours
339Why do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?
340Fasting is important for your souls
341Virgin Mary: Pray that Nuclear War can be averted in Iran
342God the Father: Call to Catholic Church to accept New Era of Peace on Earth
343There will be no death. No illness. No sin in the New Paradise
344Never reject the prophets of the Lord
345God the Father: The balm you so desperately need to calm your souls
346The world is about to undergo the next stage of cleansing.
347Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not enter the souls of those with hardened hearts?
348Join together as we enter the gates of the New Paradise
349God the Father: Warning about satanic cults and new age doctrines
350Virgin Mary: Wake up children. You must embrace the truth.
351Catholic Church and House of Israel will be persecuted
352The Book of Truth is being revealed to you, the seventh messenger for the end times.
353Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world.
354The first seal is the apostasy
355My Second Coming, cannot be prevented nor can it be stopped
356God the Father: My Seal of Protection is foretold as the second seal is broken
357Virgin Mary: Recite Rosary across all nations between now and Easter Sunday.
358Time for the second seal to open as wars will increase
359Virgin Mary: Never before has there been so much opposition to divine revelations
360Now a concerted effort being made to silence you by certain fragment within My church.
361Love is more powerful than hatred
362Same sex marriage a grave sin
363I will come in the clouds surrounded by all the angels and the saints in Heaven
364Virgin Mary : Pray for Pope Benedict XVI who is in danger of being exiled from Rome.
365Tell humanity that all is now in My Most Holy Hands
366The opposition to My Second Coming will be fierce.
367You do not have much time before I come to Judge
368Even The Warning will not convert all Non-believers
369Virgin Mary: Ask my children to do one day of fasting on Good Friday to prevent one world currency
370Jesus reveals details of His Crucifixion
371I beg you. Do not crucify Me again
372Virgin Mary: I am the intercessor. Through me I will bring your prayers before my Precious Son
373My new miracles will be presented to the world
374Let them pray to Me for discernment
375Only through the prayers of intercession can those souls in the dark be saved
376Please say My Divine Mercy and start My Novena on Good Friday
377Good Friday is the day I desire, and this year especially, to be remembered for what it really means.
378Easter is a time when My death on the cross is contemplated properly
379I am the Church. The Church was founded by Me and it can never die.
380Heaven and earth will become one. One won’t exist without the other.
381Virgin Mary: The Era of Peace I spoke about in Fatima has been forgotten
382Virgin Mary: The time for me to crush the serpent is drawing nearer
383The hatred will mount against you. You will be told that this work is from Satan
384The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet
385So many lies, where the existence of Hell is denied, will be the downfall of Christians.
386My remnant Church, the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation
387I, your beloved Jesus, could never undermine My own Church.
388My messages are for all religions and creeds including those who do not believe.
389Never take unfair advantage of others even in business, politics or any walk of life.
390Even those who commit terrible sin are loved by God, the Father.
391Billions of souls, not millions, will convert.
392Virgin Mary: When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me
393Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.
394More nations are joining together and more of God’s children will be governed by one body.
395To My sacred servants I say this. Do not make the mistake of your forebears who rejected Me when I came the first time.
396All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father.
397Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.
398God the Father: As the Father of all humanity I am ready to send My Son to reclaim His rightful throne
399Virgin Mary: My child there will be no death for those who love My Son.
400First Secret in Book of Truth reveals plot against the Church by Masonic Groups
401I call on all of you who don’t know Me
402Hear My call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit.
403Holy Spirit will descend this Sunday. The second outpouring by the power of the Holy Spirit
404God the Father: Accept My Holy Spirit with wonder and with thanks.
405My modern day disciples are being given an enormous mission
406Pain and persecution inflicted upon Me by those sects who work in secret to topple the Holy See is severe
407Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic Groups
408Virgin Mary: God the Most High can change the destiny of the world
409My Remnant Church inspired by the Prophet Enoch will create hatred everywhere My Holy Word is heard.
410Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening
411Virgin Mary: I weep tears of sadness for priests within the Catholic Church who suffer terribly at this time
412Preparations are very much underway for My Second Coming.
413Virgin Mary: Go and open your eyes children and listen, question and contemplate all that is presented to you in the Name of God.
414My New Kingdom: You will be lavished with great abundance and will want for nothing
415Prayer Requests: Go now and call this request My Call to Jesus
416Second Seal: World War 3
417Virgin Mary: My visionaries in the world will be instructed to pray in order to avert the dangers associated with a world war.
418Set up prayer groups devoted to Jesus to Mankind
419Virgin Mary: This Seal was foretold in the Book of John
420The One Remnant Church which will stand, undefeated, until the rise of the New Jerusalem.
421God the Father: Fear not My Hand but the hand of those who are your enemies
422Virgin Mary: The evil one attacks those who love God the most.
423Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name.
424The time is drawing closer for The Warning to take place
425My Book of Truth, like a flame, will spread quickly over the whole world.
426God the Father: The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time.
427During The Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer pain of Purgatory.
428They intend to oust Pope Benedict XVI from the Seat of Peter using devious means
429Satan will convince you that My messages come from him.
430Know that the 1,000 years referred to in the Book of Revelation means just that
431Prayers can avert the atrocities being planned urging the use of nuclear bombs
432My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.
433Virgin Mary: June Crusade of Conversion Month
434666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip which you will be forced to accept just as you would any vaccination.
435Virgin Mary I revealed these atrocities to the little children Melanie and Maximin at La Salette
436Jesus: Never falter. Never doubt My Hand of Protection.
437Spend the month of June in quiet contemplation as instructed by My Beloved Mother.
438Just as I was rejected the first time I will be rejected the second time
439Satan intends to poison the minds of some of My chosen souls towards this Mission
440Virgin Mary:Children when you suffer in this life you become closer to my Son.
441600,000 fallen angels were released last year from the pits of Hell. A further 5 million have now been released
442Free will cannot be taken away from you. I cannot demand that you follow Me
443God the Father: I will fight the Battle of Armageddon with the Hierarchy in the Heavens
444The False Prophet will not only take over the Catholic Church he will dictate over all Christian Churches .
445Mother of Salvation: Pray for Christian Churches so they will be given the graces to defend their Faith.
446Remember this is a war which will be won by My Remnant Church on earth.
447The test of an authentic prophet lies in the prayers given to them for humanity.
448A Pledge of allegiance to the Divine Will of God the Father
449The Warning, while not to be feared, will cause pain in those not in a state of grace
450The Skies will be peeled back as if a roof has opened
451Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination which will create disease all over the world.
452No prophet has been given messages by My Beloved Mother and the Holy Trinity in such abundance.
453Virgin Mary: I can, with my son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate.
454Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you.
455Man did not evolve from animals but that is what those, who do not believe in God, would have you believe.
456Virgin Mary: The world has been turned upside down by paganism
457When you spread hatred about prophets sent from Heaven you are guilty of a sin which has enormous consequences
458I know My own and they know Me
459New Paradise: You will be made of a pure body, incorruptible, free from disease, physical death and ageing.
460God the Father: I reveal My future plans for the New Heavens and the New Earth.
461My Church must trust Me. They must remove their shackles of fear and doubt and allow Me make myself known
462Virgin Mary: So many false religions and false doctrines created out of the imagination of humanity now infest the earth.
463The Sacraments of the Holy Confession, Baptism, Marriage and the Holy Eucharist must be preserved.
464My Word is My Word. No man can defend My Word for it is cast in stone.
465The worst suffering of all is the spiritual emptiness where you cannot feel one ounce of love for Me, your Jesus
466Virgin Mary: Whatever happens in the world children you must know that God the Most High is in command.
467God the Father: No man can explain how I created the universe or humanity no matter how they try for it is impossible.
468One third of the earth will be destroyed as the angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens
469They may not listen but they must be given the Word of God.
470Be warned. The New World Religion will seem, on the outside a good and holy organisation full of love and compassion.
471Every person alive in the world will see their souls and know, for the first time in many cases, that they have one.
472They will deny Me by saying that My Holy Word contradicts the Word of God
473The Warning for many will be a frightening event, when it will seem like the world has come to an end
474After the world war will come the famine and then the plagues. Yet, prayer can mitigate the chastisement
475So now you should understand why you are different to visionaries. It is because you are a prophet, the end time prophet.
476It is not enough to believe in the Father for those who reject His Son reject salvation.
477Virgin Mary: My Son’s Church on earth will not listen this time, yet they know how my Son was treated the first time.
478God the Father: I will wipe out their false churches, their wicked cults, their false idols, their cities and their nations
479The time is near for the persecution of My Beloved Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI to reach its pinnacle.
480Young souls are dear to Me and I weep with the way in which many of them were never taught the Truth.
481Once The Warning takes place there will be much confusion.
482Virgin Mary: It is frowned upon by today’s so called tolerant society to say that you believe in Jesus Christ
483My arms were pulled out of their sockets during My Crucifixion and, as such, the image on the Turin Shroud shows this
484The world will soon be presented with the most deceitful lie which is impossible for mankind to grasp at this stage.
485The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity
486You will win this battle for souls and it will not take long before the New World, without end, will emerge.
487Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation, my last title from Heaven, let me help you.
488The prophecies given to John, and not revealed up to now, are being presented at this time to wake up the world.
489Love is a sign from God. No matter what religion or creed you follow love can only come from God
490The pact with Satan is almost over and two events must soon take place.
491When the 20 million in My army has been reached I will multiply this number into billions.
492It is the sin of abortion which will be the downfall of many nations and for this they will be punished severely.
493My Catholic Church has been torn into shreds, yet the soul of My Church will never be taken or consumed by Satan.
494Virgin Mary: Failure to proclaim the Truth of my Son’s Teachings means that God is being forgotten
495Allow Me to lift you, from all harm, to safety away from the Antichrist.
496Virgin Mary: I ask of all God’s children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls.
497God the Father: Just as My Son was crucified so, too, will His Church on earth be crucified.
498To dissidents in the Catholic Church: Desecrate the Laws of My church and you will be punished.
499When they deliberately bribed liars to deny My Resurrection, the Pharisees denied generations of Jews the right to the Truth.
500If you believe in the existence of Satan then know that everything that is unjust and evil in the world is caused by him
501When such souls attack My Holy Word with such venom, this is a sign of Satan’s confirmation that these messages are authentic
502This is My last mission on earth where Holy Messages from the Blessed Trinity are being given to the world
503By declaring the Voice of the Holy Spirit to be evil you are guilty of a blasphemy of such magnitude proportions
504Don’t you know that you are nothing without Me? An empty vessel, which nothing can satisfy.
505The rains, the floods and the destruction of crops to come will be the result of a chastisement from Heaven.
506The antichrist will claim he is Me, Jesus Christ.
507Virgin Mary: My child soon many of the world prophets, visionaries and seers will no longer receive messages
508This is My Book. My Word. My Promise.
509Paganism is rampant and a fascination with the occult is being encouraged
510This time is likened to the calm before the storm. Use it to prepare as many people as possible.
511I am like a storm which is brewing. My Voice is like thunder in the distance
512The Book of Life foretold contains the names of all those who will be saved
513God the Father: Only when I am satisfied will I bequeath the most spectacular miracles for the world to witness.
514Virgin Mary: When I waited with the apostles in the Cenacle for the descent of the Holy Spirit it took ten days of preparation.
515Just as the soldier who pierced My Side was instantly converted so, too, will millions of souls
516Virgin Mary: Conversion can weaken the impact of the antichrist
517Important Message God the Father: I will grant immunity from the Gates of Hell to those souls for whom you pray.
518Give My Father thanks for the Gift of His Grace of Immunity from the Fires of Hell
519Virgin Mary: Embrace the Gift of the Grace of Immunity children. Cherish it for it is a rare Gift from Heaven.
520Hatred is the cause of all evil in the world and it takes many forms.
521This is the responsibility I give you My Disciples, to convert the souls for whom I yearn the most
522If you praise false gods and ask for great wealth, riches and other gifts, purely to satisfy your lusts you will attract the Prince of Darkness
523Good versus evil is a battle between God, My Eternal Father and Satan. It is that simple.
524Virgin Mary: The awakening is coming soon
525No man knows the Truth of the real contents of the Book of Revelation. Only God knows
526This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls
527I call on all of you to set up centres where you can ensure that My Messages are spread
528My Name is no longer revered. My Name is cursed