Spreading the Truth
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translation taken from the site mybookoftruth.com
Tell Everyone
1First Message from the Virgin Mary
2First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ
3Mankind faces final cleansing
4Second Message from the Virgin Mary
5Sins are breaking My Sacred Heart
6This Book will change lives & save souls
7The Warning of Hell and the Promise of Paradise
8Sign of the End Times – But Glory will Return to Earth
9The Second Coming
10Global Power, The Anti-Christ and Mark of the Beast
11Warning to Clergy
12Cast all doubts aside
13Message to Agnostics & Atheists
14Rise of Satanic Groups and World control
16Call to all Churches & Creeds to unite against Evil
17The Great Warning – A Gift out of Mercy
18Warning of Nuclear War
19Stairway to spiritual perfection
20Global Plan to deplete world population and overthrow world leaders
21Book of Revelation
22Call on Believers to convert lost souls
23Persecution of Genuine Visionaries
24Quest for Wealth
25The Warning to Mankind to understand the truth
26The Next Life
27Call to stop Murder/Abortion
28The Book of Truth
29The Great Tribulation
30Third Message from the Virgin Mary
31My Pain and Suffering today
32Why I Became Man
33False Teachers & Prophets
34Celebrating Christmas
35Warning to Believers not to reject genuine Prophets
36Media and Other Censorships to come
37How The Warning is a gift to mankind
382011 Year of the Purification
39The Warning – Second Coming Close – Chance to Save your souls
40How to enter Heaven – role of suffering
41Carrying my Cross
42How Easy is it to Sin
43Prepare for The Warning, the Illumination of Conscience
44Love is way to Salvation
45Global Conversion about to happen
46Publish My messages across the world
47Message from the Holy Spirit
48Rise of Arab World – 3 World Leaders to be assassinated
49Last Message for the Volume “The Warning”
50Democracy to Disappear – Priests will be Martyred
51All Christians Repent Now, Catholics Pray for Pope Benedict
52Words of Comfort regarding those who question these messages
53Man being punished in this Year of Purification
54Earthquake in Europe & World War
55Pray for those who cause you pain
56Significance & Power of Prayer
57Hand of My Eternal Father will now fall on this ungrateful blind world.
58Never judge other religions, creeds or sexual preferences
59Millions of Souls will be saved through these messages
60My pain is even greater today than it was during My Crucifixion
61I Am Present in the Eucharist despite the misinterpretation of My Promise
62Special Graces promised for calling on Jesus for just one day
63How to ensure your family and friends can enter Heaven
64Wake up to the Truth before it is too Late
65What you will experience during The Warning and Prayer for instant pardon
66Even small prayer groups of Divine Mercy can save millions
67New World Order Plan to control your money and food
68Wrath of God to descend on New World Order
69Sexual Immorality will lead you to Hell
70Stand up against the attacks by Satan
71Defend your children’s right to a Christian Education
72Pledge your allegiance to My Divine Mercy
73Convert others at every opportunity
74Arab uprising will spark global unrest – Italy will trigger fall out
75Humility necessary to enter Heaven
76People all over the world share the same traits
77Russia & China to cause disruption
78Satan is wreaking havoc in the world but his days are short now
79Atrocities of My Crucifixion not revealed to Man in the way they should
80The Holy Spirit has now been poured out over the entire world
81Message from Virgin Mary regarding protection of Saints
82Earthquake in Europe took place today as predicted
83Why God, the Eternal Father, is sending new prophets into the world
84Reject the work of New Age Spiritualism
85Importance of Fasting and Self Denial
86Honour My Father
87Responsibility of Parents in the world today
88Confusion about what My Second Coming will mean
89Forgiveness the pathway to freedom
90New Revelations Floods in France this Summer
91Why I communicate to the world in this way
92The skies will open up during The Warning
93If you find it difficult to pray
94I would like to thank those who help in spreading My Holy Word
95Message of Warning to World Leaders
96Dealing with Financial Hardship
97Sin will always be sin no matter how you justify it
98The Swords of Justice will fall now
99Warning to those who are involved with Satanic cults
100Tell them I love them but I want them to talk to Me
101Prophecy at Garabandal will now become a reality
102Pope Benedict’s Days are now numbered
103Satan recruits young people through pop culture
104Two comets will collide, My cross will appear in a red sky
105The Keys of Rome now being handed back to God the Almighty Father
106Message from the Virgin Mary regarding her lost children
107Message to priests, Bishops and Cardinals about false prophet
108Prepare your family to witness My Cross in the Sky
109Message of Love to all My followers
110My Spiritual Guidance will block Satan’s acts of destruction
111‘Liberators’ in Middle East want to control the Jews
112Abundant love at adoration makes you stronger and calmer
113Hand Me over your troubles and I will ease your burden
114My followers must show courage to prepare others for The Warning
115Intellectual Religious Snobbery offends Me
116Communicate to a young materialist and fickle society
117My Children will face Me for the first time during The Warning
118Message from Virgin Mary about communicating to Young People
119The Warning will prove that God Exists
120Ordinary People, Good People Turn their Backs on Me
121People don’t know what their soul is – the answer is simple.
122Mary: Satan loses his power when My Rosary is recited
123First Message from God the Father: The time has come now for Me to reclaim My Glorious Kingdom – New Paradise on Earth will last 1,000 years
124The Warning is a Manifestation of My Divine Mercy given to Sr. Faustina
125Continue to spread My word – I am sending you many volunteers
126Confess your sins now – do not be frightened
127Don’t allow the human failings of My Church to turn your back on Me
128Prayer can avert disharmony in the world
129Battle which Satan is mounting to discredit these Messages is intensifying
130Atheists and scientists will say that The Warning was an illusion
131For My Followers who denounce these Messages
132Importance of Sacraments – Marriage and First Holy Communion
133Narcissism – an evil epidemic present in the world today
134Eternal Father will prevent New World Order from final persecution of His Children
135Let My sacred servants know the content of them, so they can prepare their flock
136Do not be frightened, conversion will create a great sense of love and peace
137Call on high-profile personalities to spread My Word
138My Messages will bring tears of conversion
139Execution, Euthanasia, Abortion and Suicide
140Unite your families to enjoy the New Paradise on Earth
141Any man who claims to be Me is a liar, for I will never Manifest Myself in man
142Your weapon of choice is your love for Me
143You are now in the middle of the Tribulation
144No man will fail to hear My Son’s Word before the time comes for His return
145August, 2011 – Salvation of Souls Month
146God the Father will destroy the plot to overthrow currencies
147Satan is powerless against My devoted followers
148Call to priests and nuns in the Roman Catholic Church
149Message from Virgin Mary: ‘Victim Soul’
150Pray for the souls of those facing damnation, who will not survive The Warning
151You do not belong to Satan, you belong to Me and My Eternal Father
152Be Prepared at all times
153Questions to Jesus
154God the Father: One of most urgent Messages to mankind
155Message from Virgin Mary: I will appear only a few more times in the world
156My birthday is a very special Feast Day
157Time for waiting – tell others to know what to expect
158God the Father: the role of suffering
159Children, do not become discouraged by tales of despair facing mankind
160Turmoil in the world caused by the lack of love for Me
161Pray for those who cannot see beyond material gain
162Fear of The Warning is not something I encourage
163My followers have now been given the Gift of Intercession
164God created the world – No other planet can be inhabited by man
165Enjoy the glorious life that awaits you for 1,000 years
166Help Me Save all young people – the most vulnerable in your society
167How to ask Me to help you resolve your worries
168Great Tribulation is being mitigated through prayer
169What is it that encourages young people to be so ashamed of Me?
170Money, and too much of it, corrupts the soul
171Evil is presented as being good while good is presented as evil
172No sin is so grave that it cannot be forgiven
173Prophecies foretold through this prophet now unfold
174Climatic Chaos will now be experienced by a number of countries. My Father is Angry
175Message to the Clergy – do not allow bullying by secular societies
176Many souls are perishing in Hell because of the sin of pornography
177Those who proclaim My True Word through visionaries will be ridiculed
178God the Father:”My Hand will fall with force on nations who legalize abortion”
179Choose people you know and come before My Father’s Throne to save them
180My army will swell to a group of over 20 million
181How hard it is to climb the Stairway to Paradise
182Virgin Mary Message: Abandonment as a victim soul
183Loving your neighbour as yourself is much more difficult than you think
184Hold Divine Mercy Vigils now – The Warning is Close
185Virgin Mary: Always listen to your heart
186As the faith of My followers becomes stronger, attacks on them increase
187Do not be fearful of The Warning – Await it with joy
188Never threaten others in My Name
189No matter what your religion, there is only one God
190Chastisement can be mitigated through prayer
191Changes to be introduced in the Church, which will contradict the Word of God
192Ask for the Gift of Suffering
193The Truth is usually treated with extreme caution and outright dismissal
194Times of Peace and Glory almost here
195Classic error made when trying to become closer to Me
196The most important Event since My Resurrection
197Doubts make you stronger in your love for Me
198Fortune telling does not come from Me
199Virgin Mary: Pray for my protection all over the world
200Sorrow at loss of My children who want nothing to do with Me
201God the Father: The antichrist and a New World Currency
202Explain the horror of Hell to those who are blind to existence of Satan
203I have now sent My prophets into the world
204Insight into My Crucifixion
205God the Father: Satan’s days are almost at an end on this Earth
206Aftermath of The Warning
207Hardened souls will not find The Warning easy
208Virgin Mary: The deceiver is also preparing for The Warning
209Rejoice when the sky explodes, for you will know that I Am coming
210I will never desert you, children. That is why I Am Coming.
211Era of Peace not far away
212Global Groups under the domain of the antichrist
213Your banking collapse was masterminded by the antichrist
214Purgatory is not a place you should feel content to enter
215Virgin Mary: The sin of indifference to my Son is rampant
216Era for the multitude of false prophets sent by Satan
217God the Father – Heed now My final calling on mankind
218Message for America: Embrace your brothers and sisters of all denominations
219Virgin Mary: You will come under huge scrutiny and attack
220Never defend Me, as it is unnecessary
221I cannot force people to convert or turn back
222Your time on Earth is at a crucial point
223My return to save you will be felt in every corner of the world
224God the Father: Prepare the world for the arrival of My beloved Son Jesus Christ
225Death of My son Muammar Gaddafi
226The Warning is a form of Global Confession
227I wish to form an army of prayer groups
228My arrival will be sooner than you expect
229God the Father: You must reject darkness and embrace the Light
230False prophets trying to detract from My Holy Word
231Await now our glorious reunion
232You, My children, are blessed if you suffer in My Name
233Greatest attack on My Church since My death on the Cross
234Virgin Mary: Open your hearts to the Truth
235Disbelief of those who profess to know Me, which wounds Me the most
236Virgin Mary: Time for my Son to deliver His Gift of Divine Mercy
237Weather will begin to show strange signs
238My messengers are now with you to prepare your souls
239Global group who destroyed your banking system will fall apart
240God The Father: Last Call to Atheists
241Demonic Possession and the sin of Hatred
242You will be hated in many quarters and feared in others
243Many will suffer the pain of Purgatory as a Penance
244Two thieves on the Cross
245Signs will appear in the sky first – the sun will spin
246Your moment of glory before My Eyes – your moment of salvation
247Pray, relax and rejoice for this time is short now
248My Word is not rejected out of fear, but because of sin of pride
249God the Father asks His children to unite in Prayer
250Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict
251Preparations are now complete
252The world will be changed forever
253I do not reveal dates
254Walk by My Side and you will be spit on
255Virgin Mary: My Gift to defeat and destroy the serpent
256I will save you from the horrors of your world
257Terrible War being orchestrated
258Virgin Mary: Chastisement to take place
259My Mercy covers all races, colours, religions
260Prophets to prepare for My Second Coming
261Time for My Second Coming is almost here
262Call on non-believers to turn
263Virgin Mary: I experienced the same suffering
264Attempts to introduce World Currency in Europe
265Transition into New Paradise will be swift and without suffering
266God the Father: Promise of Immunity for those who reject Jesus
267Spiritual jealousy is a terrible thing
268I can’t bear to think of those souls dragged by Satan into Hell
269Second Coming to happen soon after The Warning
270My children have been stripped bare in this year of Purification
271Virgin Mary: End times prophet guided by the Heavens
272Virgin Mary: Hope must never be shunned in favour of fear
273Pray as you have never prayed before
274Sinners who turn to Me find instant favour
275Even the sin of murder can be forgiven
276Virgin Mary: Plan to redeem mankind, for Second Coming is complete
277God the Father: My Son is being sent to claim His Rightful Throne
278Honour the importance of the Family
279I was accused of heresy and blasphemy when I walked the Earth
280Virgin Mary: Birth pangs have commenced
281God the Father: Accept this last chance or face a terrible chastisement
282Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations
283Every kind of Mercy will be shown to those who don’t love My Father
284Without My Act of Mercy nations would destroy each other
285Virgin Mary: Temporary peace in the world if dark souls convert
286There is only one Truth. One Light. Anything else is a lie.
287Virgin Mary: Time for the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart not far away
288God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages
289I will make Myself known very soon
290Attempts at Nuclear War in the East